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~Atom Mfg. Co.~


Atom Wooden Swimmer

Bob Pond experimented with his first lure in the fall of 1944 and founded

Atom Mfg. Co. in 1945. Bob produced his original wooden swimming lure in three basic color schemes, Herring Blue, Whiting Gold, Blue & Silver, although some lures were painted with slight color variations and patterns. Pond, also started making a smaller two hook version about 1947.

  The glass eyed Atom is a rare lure, very few of these baits are known to exist. Whether they were prototype's or production models is not known at this time.

These lures are surely the "Holy Grail" for Atom Mfg. Co. collectors.

  Bob turned to plastic in 1948 and the new "Atom 40", "Commercial Type" lures were manufactured. Atom Mfg. Co. produced many models of "Striper Atoms" over the years, such as: Atom 40's, Atom 51's, Atom 54's, and Reverse 40's.

These lures were manufactured in many colors and patterns.

  Atom Mfg. Co., in later years, turned to foam to build their lures.

Bob Pond sold his company in 1998, and it is still in business today.

Atom Mfg. Co., is truely a great success story, and a New England legend.


Atom Wooden Swimmer


Atom Wooden Swimmer


Atom Forty Plastic Swimmer


Atom Mfg. Co. Paperwork


Atom Catalog, New for 1948

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