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~Beach Buggies~


  In the late 1940's, surf fishermen that were using beach buggies to assist them in their hobby found that they needed to band together to protect their rights and to police their ranks. By the 1950's, fishing clubs started forming to accommodate the growing numbers of this new breed of fisherman. The Massachusetts Beach Buggy Association [ circa: 1950 ] is believed by some to be the first club formed especially for this sole purpose. Below is an assortment of what are referred to as license plate car toppers. These toppers showed a surf fisherman's club affiliation and some clubs would also assign members a number. Although most of these toppers were attached to the license plate bolts, that was not always the case. Some buggy owner's would select a spot that was the most eye appealing to mount their topper; as many were very competitive with how their buggy looked and was outfitted. 


"Linesiders Bass Club", Fall River, Mass.


"NJBBA", New Jersey Beach Buggy Assoc.


"NJBBA", New Jersey Beach Buggy Assoc.


"East End Surf Fishing Club", Long Island, New York


Assorted, "Club Patches"


Assorted, "Club Pinback's"


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