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~Braidwood Stamp Co.~


Braidwood Stamp Co. Gaylure

The Braidwood Stamp Company, Perth Amboy, N.J 

[ circa. 1930's - 40's ]

manufactured at least two differant models of lures that I am aware of, with the most popular being the "Gaylure" and the second being the "Spoon-Plug".


Contrary to what some saltwater collectors believe, these lures were produced for both freshwater and saltwater fisherman.


Personally, I have "Gaylures" ranging in size from flyrod version's to large twelve inch models in my collection. They were made using a product called catalin, which is a form of bakelite. 


Braidwood Stamp Co. Spoon Plug


Braidwood Stamp Co.

Freshwater/Flyrod Sized



Braidwood Stamp Co.

Freshwater/Flyrod Sized


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