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~Bucktails/Tin Squids~


Fred Gartner Sr.

This page about bucktails is dedicated to good friend and long time New Jersey Shore striped bass fisherman Freddie "Doodlebug" Gartner. While having known quite a few avid bass fishermen over the years; I can say without a doubt that Freddie's love for this fish we all chase was unequaled.


He caught thousands of striped bass during his lifetime and every fish landed, no matter what the size, just seemed to bring out the enthusiasm of a young angler catching his first.


No matter what Freddie was doing; if you mentioned striped bass; he would look at you with a twinkle in his eyes and a smile upon his face.


We hope you are in that special place catching large bass and spending your free time with Marie. We will surely miss you Freddie........


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