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Bill Sherer manufactured lures from approx. 1939 to 1952. Sherer made poppers and swimmers in differant sizes and configurations. Cap'n Bill's lures also came with their famous "plastic finish coating", which added durability in the harsh saltwater environment. The lures and other items were sold through a catalog, distributed by:


 Oldtime Woodsman's Line

 Little Compton

 Rhode Island


  The company was sold and a new address appeared on the boxes:


 Cap'n Bill's

 P.O. Box 235

 Whitinsville, Mass.


  The company again moved and the new boxes read: 


 Cap'n Bill's

 Red Top Bait Co.

 Buzzards Bay, Mass. 


  During this time Cap'n Bill's lures were being sold exclusively at the

Red Top Bait & Tackle Shop on the canal. I have been told that 

Red Top Bait & Tackle, also had exclusive rights to sell other lures as well in their area, such as the Atom. But,this will require further investigation to know for sure. Cap'n Bill's lures disappeared from the scene sometime in the 1960's.

Cap'n Bill's Swimmer,

Blue Chub No. One, Treble

Cap'n Bill's Streamliner Special

No. Eight, Bucktail

Cap'n Bill's Special No. Eight

Cap'n Bill's Red Head & White, No. Three

Cap'n Bill's Little Eel

No. Eleven, Spinner

Cap'n Bill's Blue Chub

No. One, Bucktail, Treble

This is a Howard Jet Plug box with Cap'n Bill's label pasted over the name. 

"Red Squid No. 3"

Cap'n Bill's No. Twenty, Red Top

Cap'n Bill's Special

1948 Cap'n Bill's Catalog

1948 Cap'n Bill's Catalog

Cap'n Bill's Red Squid No. Nine

1948 Cap'n Bill's Catalog

1948 Cap'n Bill's Catalog

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