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~Charles Heddon~


Charles Heddon Swimmer

Charles Heddon, Brielle, N.J is the earliest saltwater commercial lure manufacturer that I have been able to find and research in my home state of New Jersey.


Many of the people that I have interviewed in reference to Charles say he started building lures as early as the 1930's. But, the majority say he was building lures during the 1940's and up to his death in 1955.


Charles has no ties to the famous Heddon Lure Co., Dowagiac, Michigan that I am aware of at this time. 

  Brielle, N.J was once known as the "Big Game Fishing Capital Of The World" at the turn of the century and up until the late nineteen fifties.

Many first's were tested and developed here; including big game fly fishing, offshore wreck fishing, etc.; even the famous shark fisherman

Capt. Frank Mundus started his career here.

It seems fitting that New Jersey's earliest known saltwater commercial lure builder also hail's from here.


Charles Heddon Popper


Charles Heddon Swimmer

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