~Creek Chub Bait Co.~

Creek Chub Striper Pike 6901

Creek Chub Bait Co.

  Garrett, Indiana


  Manufactured lures from 1916-1978.

They produced many models of freshwater and

saltwater lures.


Creek Chub Bait Co. was without a doubt the largest lure making company of the time.


The photo's below show a small sampling of some the many saltwater lures and colors the company produced.  

Creek Chub Surf Popper 7500 Special

Creek Chub Snook Plunker 7134

Creek Chub Surfster 7434

Creek Chub Surf Popper 7534

Creek Chub Surfster 7407

Creek Chub Surfster 7318

Creek Chub Snook Pike 3402

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