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~ Creepers ~

In years past most jetty jocks wore creepers; that was the most common term the rock hoppers had for them. They were a necessity for walking on the slippery, wet, mussel and weed covered rocks. Those fishermen that chose not to wear them were just inviting serious injury and possibly even death; not to mention the cost of replacing damaged equipment.


In the early years there were not any jetty [ rock ] creepers that were commercially manufactured just for fishermen and most surf fishermen wore ice cleats, ice creepers, golf shoes or golf rubbers that slipped onto their boots. After World War II more and more ad's for army surplus ice creepers started showing up in the fishing magazines. Those fishermen that were handy made their own with some sets of spikes being quite elaborate. It probably took another twenty years before a quality pair of jetty creepers were commercially made.


Todays fishermen are faced with the same problems and in many places the same rocks; although they have a much greater selection of rock climbing apparel.


Moishe, Of Moishe's Tackle Shop, Coney Island, NY

Moishe, of Moishe's Tackle Shop in Coney Island, New York was a good craftsman and a great custom rod builder. He would also make custom made creepers for fishermen; although being quite pricey for the times; they were very sought after item. The pair below were made circa. 1959.


Creepers, Circa. 1959


One of the many army surplus types of ice creepers that were popular after

World War II until the 1960's for jetty fishing.


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