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~E.H. Borg~

E.H Borg manufactured lures in Lyndhurst, N.J and his claim to fame is a lure called the Mity Atom [ under-water plug ]. The lure is what we would call a swimmer today and it was his most popular model.


The Mity Atom [surface-plug ] is what we would call a popper today.

Both lures were advertised for fresh & salt water fishing; however I feel they were mainly used in a saltwater environment. Mr. Borg would custom paint lures ordered in gross lot's or more; as did so many other lure makers of the day.


While the Mity Atom is a fairly hard lure to find the surface-plug [ popper ] is a rare bird. Personally, I have seen hundreds of swimmers and only one popper.


"The Mity Atom" Swimmer

Made by E.H. Borg,

Lyndhurst, NJ


"The Mity Atom" Popper 

Made by E.H. Borg,

Lyndhurst, NJ

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