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~E.B. Norris~


School of Squids

E.B Norris, was a fishermen and woodworker from Hyannis Port, Mass.; He manufactured a lure called the "Jet Squid" during the mid to late 1950's.

The Norris "Jet Squid" came in three sizes: [approx. 8",6",4"] although there were also some slight variations of those sizes: 

[ fatter, thinner, longer, shorter ] 

Most of the Norris lures were the simple cotter pin, "hook hanger" design.

Although, I have seen some of the smaller models incorporate a cotter pin and thru wire design. The large model was a two hook version; the medium and small model's came in one or two hook version. Jet Squids came in several colors that I am aware of: white, natural, and pink.

  The lures came packaged in a plastic bag with a cardboard header, reading

"Norris Hobby Shop" Hyannis, Mass., the earliest lures came packaged with no hooks. Later on, the lures came packaged with hooks installed, and were taped to the

lure body. Most Jet Squids that are found still have the tape residue on the lure.


Brad Norris Jet Squid Natural, Six Inch


Brad Norris Jet Squid Pink, Eight Inch


Brad Norris Jet Squid White, Eight Inch


Brad Norris Jet Squid Packaging

Photo Courtesy of Keith Zessin

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