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~Hicky-Do Bait Co.~


Hicky-Do Plug Co. Workshop

R.E. Warren

Cedarville, Mass.

Hicky-Do Plug Co.

Cedarville, Mass.

Hicky-Do Bait Co.

West Barnstable

Cape Cod, Mass. 

  Hicky-Do lures were first manufactured by Rey E. Warren, sometime around 1946; his shop was located along side of Great Herring Pond, Cedarville, Mass. 

Probably the most fascinating thing about their production is the fact Rey used an old foot peddle lathe to turn his plugs! The company boxes had three addresses on them that I am aware of over the years. [ shown above. ]

Rey produced many different models of lures with names such as the

Beachcomber/Slow Swimmer, Bullet, Stubby, and Swimmer [ Pug-Nosed ]. It seems Rey also produced knock-offs of other companies lures such as the Atom and a few different style poppers; one was a close copy of Stan Gibb's, Cast-A-Lure; his was called a Cast-A-Plug ; needless to say Stan asked him to change the name. If you are a collector you just have to love the slogans on the early Hicky-Do boxes:

      "Heavy 'Nuff To Reach Out There"


      It'll Swim And Pop And Act Alive And It's Only One Buck Ninety Five.

  The company disappeared by the early 1950's and Rey later retired to Florida where he passed away in 1964.


While on a lure collecting / fishing trip to Massachusetts in October 2009; friend and fellow lure collector Eric Carlson [ aka: Hicky-Do Eric ] took Tom Clayton on a little side trip to see Rey Warren's, "Hicky-Do" workshop [ pictured above ] 

While originally located on Great Herring Pond, the shop had been moved approx.

a half mile up the hill to a private residence where the new owner used it to build and store lobster pots. While no longer in it's former glory; it was still a sight to behold; according to Eric the old foot peddle lathe Rey used sat in the rear left hand corner of the shop.


"While we stood there talking and taking pictures; I could have sworn I heard the sound of that old lathe turning; a cool fall breeze had the smell of cedar filling my senses. It is a day that will not be soon forgotten." -Tom Clayton


Hicky-Do Swimmer


Hicky-Do Swimmer


Hicky-Do Swimmer


Hicky-Do Swimmer


Hicky-Do Beachcomer

Photo Courtesy of Eric Carlson


Hicky-Do Beachcomer

Photo Courtesy of Eric Carlson


Photo Courtesy of Eric Carlson


Photo Courtesy of Eric Carlson


Folk Art ? or Hicky-Do ? 

The only difference between this lure and a Hicky-Do is the tail taper.

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