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~J. & H. Tackle Co.~


J. & H., "Wig-Lit"

This Is A Very Early Model, Proto Type.

Notice The Treble Hook In The Tail. 

  The J. & H. Tackle Co. was a joint venture

 founded by John Gamsby and Howard Ladig in 1947. They built poppers, swimmers and other surf fishing accessories. The partnership dissolved in 1952.

  If you would like to learn more about the
J. & H. Tackle Co.;

be sure to read Tom Clayton's in-depth article published in the

July - Aug. 2005 issue of Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine.


J. & H. "Wig-Lit"


J. & H. "Wob-Lit"

Photo courtesy of Adam Romagna


This is the earliest box.

It was plain brown and stamped:

J. & H. "WIG-LIT"

on the end.

J. & H. "Paperwork"

Photo courtesy of Roy Curley

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