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~Jerry Sylvester~


  Jerry Sylvester was a fisherman, luremaker, and tackle shop owner from Rhode Island. Jerry started making lures in the late 1930's, and continued to do so until the late 1940's. Sylvester then turned to the Fishmaster Co. to produce two of

his lures: "Jerry's Flaptail" and "Jerry's Jointed."

  The "J-Plug" style lure is a "Jerry's Blue Mullet." It looks very similar to a Pt. Jude, "Rhode Island Special." I have always wondered if Sylvester copied the design from Pt. Jude or was it Pt. Jude who copied his design. That is just one of the mysteries, I hope someday to find an answer for.

  While we are on the subject of copying; many collectors believe that Jerry Ferron was the originator of the swinging hook tail jig; the old ad below of Jerry Sylvester's has him taking credit. Well, one things for sure, we do know it was a fisherman named Jerry; or do we?


Jerry's Sixty-One


Jerry's Sixty-One

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