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~K & M Tackle Co.~


K & M Jet Swimmer

K & M Tackle Company

45 Lawrence Road

Salem Depot, New Hampshire

  Not much is known about the K & M Tackle Co. at this time and again we ask for your help.


Also, to add a little more mystery to this obscure company it is believed by some lure collectors that the Florida Fishing Tackle Mfg. Co. [ Barracuda Brand ]

 St. Petersburg, Florida did all the companies paint work.

K & M lures were advertised as being for all gamefish including striped bass, which is why we are including them in our list.

The company manufactured a swimmer and popper; both came in two sizes

[ 3" & 4 1/2" ]. Also, I have been told that there was a larger version produced.

But, so far I have yet to see one. These lures had a hole in the head and ports along the sides where water and air [ bubbles ] would travel thru the lure when retrived;

it was a very unique design. 


K & M Jet Swimmer Paperwork


K & M Jet Swimmer


K & M Jet Popper

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