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~L. Cooper & Co. Inc.~


  L. Cooper & Co. Inc., Stamford Conn., also trading as Jac-Pot Lures, were the manufacturers of the ever popular "Goo-Goo Eyes" line of lures.  


Leo Cooper  was the founder of the company and in 1957 he started selling his lures to the general public. Leo's distinct style of lure building make them easily identifiable, even though the eye types and hardware were changed a few times over the years: 

Oldest: protruding mustard colored eye with black iris

Next: protruding mustard or white eye with concaved black iris

Then: protruding amber eye

Last: semi flush amber eye

On June 16th, 1967; Charles E. Cinto; fishing with Capt. Frank Sabatowski off of Cuttyhunk Island, Mass.; landed a 73 lb. striped bass on a

Goo-Goo Eye #20 Big Daddy. At the time it was the largest striped bass ever taken on an artificial lure.


I cannot help but wonder whether it is the lures action or pictures of Cinto's bass that fuel the fire. But, the newer model lures are still very much in demand today, and are still being used by many serious striper fishermen.


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