~Modern Lure Makers~


On this page you will see lures that [ were & are ] being produced

from approx. 1970 - Present, by some very talented and artistic makers.

Many that started out as one man operations, have now grown so big

they do sell commercially.


Most make different models of swimmers, poppers, and darters.

Today's custom makers take great pride not only in their lures appearance, but most importantly, its swimming action.




  Tom Clayton was a firm believer that the lures being produced today, are also the collectable lures of the future. So, if you have the chance to buy custom plugs, stick a few away. But most importantly fish them!!!  

  If you would like to see some of Tom Clayton's custom lures, click on the following link: Clayton's Custom Lures and see Tom's "Kurrent Kitten" lure.

"Jointed Eel" - Danny Pichney

"Needlefish"- Donnie Musso

"Swimmer" - Early Bob Hahn, NJ

"Laser Lure" - Early Lefty Carr, NJ

"Lefty's" - Lefty Carr, NJ

"Wades" - Wade Carr, NJ

"Skippy" - Skip Smith, NJ

"Bass-Wood" - Gary Garenza, NJ

"Jointed Eel" - Danny Pichney

"Bottle Plug" - George Carlezon- MA

"Beachcomer Swimmer" - Tony Spina, NJ

"Tattoo's Tackle"- 3oz Sea Dog

Mike Daupin, R.I.

"Tattoo's Tackle"- 2oz Sea Pup

Mike Daupin, R.I.

"Tattoo's Tackle"- 2.5oz Diver

Mike Daupin, R.I.

"Tattoo's Tackle"- 2oz Swimmer

Mike Daupin, R.I.

"Tattoo's Tackle"- 1oz Swimmer

Mike Daupin, R.I.

"Goo-Goo Eyes" - Rick Mandile, MA

"Big Don's" - Don Williams, PA

"Cyclone" - Paul Lindner, NJ

"Capesams" - Steve Sylver, MA

Jack Compton, Ohio

Adam Romagna, CT

"PlugCaster Lures" - Rich Karpowicz, NJ

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