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~Paddy's Champion Popper~


Paddy's Champion Popper

Paddy's Champion Popper's are thought to have been manufactured in Massachusetts's, according to some collectors. But, to be on the safe side at this time, I would just have to say that they were manufactured in New England.


There have been very few boxes found to date and none carry any identifiable information other than the company name printed on them; until more information surfaces we are left in the dark.


These lures have been found in two known hook configurations; one with fixed hooks and the other without. They have also been found with either a cupped or flat face. Maybe it is a coincidence or perhaps even my imagination. But, every lure that I have been lucky enough to see so far with fixed hooks also has a cupped face and every lure that does not have fixed hooks has a flat face.

Could the company have been cutting costs and building time?

Need help identifying a saltwater lure? Need an appraisal?

Have any saltwater lures for sale or trade? 


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