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~Parmly's Tackle Shop~



  John and Jean Parmly opened their sportsmen shop at

1154 Ocean Ave., Sea Bright, N.J in 1948 and closed sometime in the early 1960's.


The shop was located in an area that is rich with fishing / hunting history; at the time you could actually walk across the street and fish the ocean or walk out of the back door and fish / duck hunt the river.


John also manufactured striped bass lures and advertised them in many of the fishing magazines of the time; so far I know he manufactured a flaptail, a popper flaptail and an atom style swimmer. It is possible he may have made other styles of lures.

  Note: Over the years I have seen their last name spelled Parmley in many of the fishing magazines and other advertizing of the time. After a trip to Sea Bright I did confirm it is spelled Parmly. Sea Bright and the surrounding area is home to many families who spell it both ways Parmley or Parmly.

Hopefully this matter is finally cleared up.

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