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~ Pins, Pinbacks, Buttons~

These items are an integral part of our surf fishing history. Besides being very attractive and collectible; they can help us date club formations, tournaments, etc. with some degree of accuracy. They are still used today by many fishing clubs and tournaments looking to carry on tradition.


Fishermen Of Gramercy Pin ? East & West Hudson?

I would like to believe that this pin has something to do with the Gramercy Park Fishing Club. But, in all likelihood it is probably a railroad pin. Railroads were a very popular way to get to your fishing destination at the turn of the century and pins like this were quite common with railroads.


West Philadelphia Surf Anglers Assoc.

The West Philadelphia Surf Anglers changed their name in 1957 to the Delaware Valley Surf Anglers when the original members moved to Northeast Philly. Today, the club is still very active and it's membership has grown to include members that reside throughout the entire Delaware Valley region. The club has always been actively involved in ASAC Tournament Competition from it's inception.


Central Conn. Striper Club


Plum Island Surfcasters


New Jersey League of Surf Anglers 1941


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