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~Rinehart Tackle Co.~


Rinehart Surfcaster's

Rinehart Tackle Co.

Newark, Ohio 

[ Circa: 1937 - 57 ]

Gahanna, Ohio 

[ Circa: 1957 - 60 ]

Marietta, Ohio

[ Circa: 1960 - 62 ]

  Rinehart Tackle Co., was founded by Fred Rinehart around 1937. By the early 1940's; Fred started manufacturing his "Jinx" lure which was made of tenite.


The lure came in two sizes and numerous color patterns. The five inch model was especially made for large freshwater / saltwater gamefish and it soon became very popular with New England's striped bass fishermen. Over the course of it's history;

the company changed hands twice and moved as many times.


Then around 1959 a new variation of the "Jinx" was developed and produced especially for the surf fisherman. The new lure was named the "Surfcaster" and it came with

two heavy duty saltwater hooks instead of the usual three freshwater hooks;

it also carried new heavy duty hardware. 


Overall the "Surfcaster" was manufactured from approx: 1959 - 1962 and as with the other lures the company made, colors could be special ordered provided they were bought in at least group's of twelve.

The lure came in a black and clear hinged plastic box.

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