~Snook Bait Co.~

Snook Bait Co. Small Snook

  Snook Bait Co.

   New York 3, N.Y

   Joe Evola was the founder of Snook Bait Co.; he manufactured lures in New York City from approx. 1949-1951.


They produced quite a few models, such as the: Surf King, Big Snook, Medium Snook, Small Snook, Big Popper, Medium Popper, Weasel, and Giant Weasel.


These lures came in twelve standard colors: Rainbow, Blue Mullet,

Red & White, White Ghost, Silver Flash, Perch Brown, Blue Flash,

Green Mullet, Red Squid, Allen Stripey, Blue Herring, & Gold Fish.

The company would also custom paint any lure to order.

Snook Bait Co. Big Snook White Ghost

Snook Bait Co. Small Snook Whiting

Snook Bait Co. Surf King 


Snook Bait Co. Medium Snook Silver Flash

Snook Bait Co. Big Snook Popper Blue Herring

Snook Bait Co. Big Snook

 Allen Stripey

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