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~Striper X-Perts~


Striper X-Pert - Surf Slapper

Manufactured in Point Judith, Rhode Island, sometime in the early to mid 1940's. They are believed to be the forerunner of "Point Jude Lures". 

The boxes below each have a different address, one says: 

Cozy Corners

Point Judith, Rhode Island 

and the other: 

Ocean Road

Point Judith, Rhode Island

I do not know if they are the same place or two differant addresses at this time. 

The "Ocean Road" box also says:

This Plug Is Endorsed By Bernard Calitri, "National Striped Bass Champion"

I believe this box is the newer of the two. They came in three models that I am aware of at this time: Cape Codder, Surf Slapper, and Rhode Island Special. The only colors that I have personally seen, are green and blue, although I am almost positive there are more. They were made with big, painted, yellow and black tack eyes. What a beautiful "Rhode Island" bait, and one of my favorites. 


Striper X-Pert - Cape Codder


Striper X-Pert - Surf Slapper


Striper X-Pert - Rhode Island Special

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