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~Who Made It?~

On this page you will see some saltwater lures that I need to identify. If any of the visitors to my website have a saltwater lure that I can't identify for them;

I will post the picture here and maybe someone else will be able to help.


There are many knowledgeable fishermen and collector's passing through these pages. So send in your photo's no matter what condition the lure is in; just make sure the picture is clear with an uncluttered background.


This lure looks just like a Masterlure straight eel. The length, hook spacing, lip, eyes, thru-wire, etc. are almost identical in every way to a marked Masterlure.

The differences are so slight they are not even worth mentioning; the lure is just not signed. Does anyone have a Masterlure that is signed in this color?


This very well made lure looks like the thru-wire was turned on a wire forming tool. The lure is wired similar to a Fuller Bros. "Popper". Does anyone have any thoughts on the builder??


This really neat lure came out of New York state and has a jitterbug

"musky sized" lip on it. Anyone have any ideas on the maker??

Need help identifying a saltwater lure? Need an appraisal?

Have any saltwater lures for sale or trade? 


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